Reviewing Rings For a Friend

One of my closest friends runs the website Beautiful Promise Rings – Promise Rings for Her. It is a great store that has lots of different types of ring designs, but is targeted at people looking for promise rings. I don’t feel like promise rings are all that relevant in this day and age, but my friend is adamant that there is still a big market and that there will be a resurgence in the coming years.

So lets get into the review

The rings on the site are all sterling silver and they are competitively priced with all the promise rings under 100 dollars. This means that pretty much everyone can afford these rings, which makes a nice change from the expensive jewelry that we are all used to.

For this review I went through the website and found my favorite piece of jewelry so I could see how it looked and to inspect the quality / make sure it didn’t tarnish or fall to pieces.

I ended up struggling to choose the type of ring I wanted to review. There were just too many cute ones to choose from! I decided to go for a heart shaped promise ring which I have pictured below.

Aquamarine heart ring

It looked absolutely stunning on my finger and I now wear it everywhere!

The stones themselves are all cubic zirconia, but what do you want for a ring under $100 – I mean seriously, it’s pretty damn nice and I think it is worth the money to be honest.

The ring didn’t tarnish in the 2 weeks that I have been wearing it, and the stone just dazzles in the light. I have already had lots of different people ask me where I bought the ring from so that they can also buy one.

Fortunately for you thought, I have been given the inside word that there is going to be a giveaway being hosted next week. So you may as well enter and see if you can win one rather than having to buy it.



Overall I love this ring and I would happily recommend it to others. You won’t be disappointed if you buy it :)

My First Post

I am still trying to work this WordPress blogging platform out, so bear with me while I try my best to tidy things up and learn the ropes. Getting this first post published has been quite a large effort already :p

So what is this site about – well first and for most it is a place for me to review all the different things that I want to buy. I have a HUGE shopping addiction, but you have to be addicted to something in life right? Why not shopping?

I tend to like all things fashion, including clothing, jewelry and shoes. I also enjoy books, movies, TV shows and plenty of other cool activities, which I am sure you will learn about if you decide to stick around.

Anyway, that is all from me for now.